Inside my head there is a perpetual motion machine I affectionately call my hamster wheel.

It’s rare to find me at a loss for words or with nothing to contribute to a conversation, especially when it comes to topics I am passionate about. Read on for thoughts about brands, people, design, and day-to-day moments that inspire me.

My career Venn

Friends and colleagues often ask about the work I do, and how they can help me find what I am looking for. Never one to miss an opportunity to draw a diagram, I created this handy Venn. The green zone is my ideal – a strategic branding role in a…

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Purpose drivers

on February 14th, 2014 in Brand and Business, My Work and Articles, Sustainability and Social Value by | Comments Off Purpose drivers

It seems everyone is talking about purpose these days. Imperative has a new take on what purpose means in your career — it’s not the cause you work for, but how you work. Curious to see what surprises it might reveal, I took Imperative’s purpose driver quiz. My results:  …

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Acceptance and Gratitude

Recently I had the good fortune to find a forgotten family gem, personal histories from WWII written by two of my grandfather’s brothers. It was an opportunity to learn about uncles I barely knew and get personal insights into one of the most important events of the 20th century. What…

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on December 13th, 2013 in Brand and Business, Communication, Serendipity by | Comments Off Explainers

This weekend a friend was in town, and visitors are great prompts to do all the local things we don’t get around to — in this case, the new Exploratorium! Something that caught my eye is their name for exhibit guides: Explainers. It’s a miniscule detail compared to the immensity…

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The comfort of ritual

on October 13th, 2013 in Serendipity by | Comments Off The comfort of ritual

I first visited Tadich more than 25 years ago during my first family trip to San Francisco. Over the years we have returned there time after time for local classics like cioppino, hangtown fry, and petrale sole. Tadich is a San Francisco institution, the oldest restaurant in the city and…

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