What I Do

With deep experience in brand strategy and communication, I thrive on helping organizations identify core values and strengths, discover opportunities, and connect with audiences through storytelling.

Brand Identity

Purpose-driven brands originate internally from your identity — it’s who you are at your core, the value you create, and what you stand for. A clearly articulated identity becomes your north star for making any decision.

Identity is discovered through:

  • Workshops and interviews with stakeholders
  • Exploration through metaphor, word, and drawing exercises
  • Brand perception research

Strategy and Insights

Brand strategy is discovering market insights and converting them into actionable opportunities for innovation and growth. Living up to a brand promise, especially for purpose-driven brands, requires an integrated strategy for aligning culture, operations, processes, and products with the mission and identity.

Strategy and insight projects include:

  • Qualitative “deep dive” research, market, and trend analysis
  • Audience segmentation, needs analysis, and persona development
  • Visualizations of systems and strategies
  • Communication and experience frameworks
  • Design strategy and criteria to guide implementation


Expressing your brand in ways that are authentic, resonant, and simple requires smart visual and verbal communication.

My services in this area includes:

  • Key message development
  • Writing and editing content
  • Creative direction and visual brand toolkits
  • Communication and marketing planning
  • Executive presentations