Who I Am

A good strategist balances creativity and analysis, an intersection I was born into.

An artistic child in a family of engineers, I had little choice but to learn to navigate between right brain and left, imagination and logic. As a result, I see everything a little differently: I have a design degree from an engineering university, and an MBA from an art and design college.

This whole-brain fluency turns out to be the key to brand strategy. Facts aren’t useful if you can’t intuit which insights matter and create a solution both viable and meaningful. If you do it well, a great strategy is like a solar system — just the right configuration of elements, bound together by gravitational forces around a central point, spinning in perpetual motion. It’s scientific in reality, but lyrical in perception.

But to get that perpetual motion going, we have to inspire people to participate. A childhood immersed in divergent mindsets prepared me to understand how others think and empathize with their point of view. Beyond understanding customers and employees, I help companies understand themselves better, too.

All of this comes together in service of my clients. I can help you discover the truth about where you stand, even if it’s uncomfortable and complicated. Together, we can explore what sets you apart and evaluate your opportunities for growth. And once we have a great idea to share, I can show you how improve your storytelling by putting your audience at the center.