Who I Am

Supporting companies and people I believe in is what drives me, and I can help them succeed by guiding and aligning their decisions from the inside out.

For the past 10 years I’ve been a strategy and communications consultant for community-minded corporations, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. My work has focused on translating Fortune 500 branding tools down to the small business level, helping my clients helping my clients develop brand and business strategies and tell their stories.

My career started in graphic design, but early on it was clear I had a talent for the messaging, strategy, and business context behind the scenes. Throughout my career I stayed at my core a designer, but moved from designing visuals to messages and strategies, and now to market positions and innovation.

I’ve always been an odd duck — a creative who’s analytical, a visual thinker who loves words, an idealist in the corporate realm — and getting a Design Strategy MBA was like being called to the mother ship.  It combines everything innovative and humanistic about being a creative thinker with the power of business. Armed with this dual point of view, I believe anything is possible!