My career Venn

Friends and colleagues often ask about the work I do, and how they can help me find what I am looking for. Never one to miss an opportunity to draw a diagram, I created this handy Venn.

efrye_vennThe green zone is my ideal – a strategic branding role in a team-based, consulting environment, working for mission-driven clients. If you can help me make this happen, you’ll be my hero!

Mission-driven is my shorthand for a generous range of possibilities including both for- and not-for-profit organizations that have a strong sense of purpose beyond making money and contribute positively to their communities. I consider many entrepreneurs and small businesses part of this group even without an overt social mission. Not only are many of them community-oriented by nature, but a resilient local economy is part of how I contribute positively to my own community.

Only a tiny handful of people work completely at the intersection of brand, mission, and team (especially full-time), so while I cultivate that space there are two other intersecting zones I look for.

The yellow zone comprises most of the work I do currently as a brand and communication consultant. My projects span insights (i.e. qualitative research, market analysis), strategy (i.e. positioning, identity, brand planning, audience segmentation), and storytelling (i.e. content, messaging, creative direction). I always appreciate referrals to leaders in mission-driven organizations who are ready to raise their visibility and impact.

While this offers rewarding work for clients I love, direct consulting is often solo. To balance that I also look for opportunities on the other side, in the blue zone. It’s doing the same kind of work, but as a freelancer with existing brand agency teams for mainstream clients. Working with teams is collaborative and accelerates learning, and these experiences give me renewed inspiration and tools to bring back to my mission-driven clients. If you know of agencies or consulting firms that need freelance help on their projects, introductions would be most welcome.

Those are three ways you can help me grow, and please let me know what I can do to help you!

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